Media Use

Media Log – (note, I rounded the times)

Wednesday August 21st:
8 am – Alarm
8:50 am – Open Google Music app – “Random” playlist
8:55 am – Starbucks phone app
9:25 am – Close Google Music app – “Random” playlist
10:45 am – Open Google Music app – “Throwback” playlist
11:15 am – Change playlist
Noon until 1:00 – Lap top – D2L website to check homework/syllabus updates. Off an on every 15 mins or so, checking Snapchat on my phone.On my phone I check Facebook (5 mins), Twitter (5 mins), Instagram (5 mins), Snapchat (5 seconds).
1:45 – Close Google Music app
2:00 – Snapchat – 5-9 seconds
3:15 – G-mail from phone – Snapchat (6 snaps)
3:20 – Open Google Music app – “The weeknd”
4:00 – G-mail from laptop and check blog (personal one) on WordPress (laptop)
4:05 – Snapchat and Close Google Music app
4:15 – Read The Westward- in print for 30 mins
4:50 – Open Google Music app – “Random” Playlist
5:30 – Reading (Mass Media book) – and Snapchat – :30, :40, :45
6:20 – Reading – Much Ado About Nothing and Close Google Music app
Bed at 7:00 (don’t judge me, it was a stressful week)

Thusday August 22nd:
6:15 am – Alarm from phone
6:30 am – Snapchat – 11 received that morning
8 am – Facebook for ten mins
8:15 am – Open Google Music app – “Random” playlist
8:20 am – Pinterest for 30 mins
8:50 am – Snapchat
8:50 am – Starbucks app from phone
9:20 am – Close Google Music app.
10 am – G-mail from phone to professor and  Snapchat then again… :15, :25, :45. :50, :55
10:25 am – Wells Fargo account from phone
10:45 am – Open Google Music App – “The Weeknd”
11 am – Snapchat every 15 – 20 mins for full hour
11:20 am – Change playlist “Country”
Noon – Close Google Music app
    Meanwhile… Snapchat 12:10, :15, :30, :35, :45
12:20 – Open Google Music app
1:00 – Snapchat
1:50 – Close Google Music app and Snapchat
3:25 – Open Google Music app and Snapchat
3:45 – Snapchat
4:00 – Snapchat, Instagram (5 mins), Facebook (5 mins), Hot Schedules (3 mins), Pinterest (30 mins) – All on phone  
5:00 – WordPress on laptop
5:45 – Close Google Music app
8:00 – Monster’s Inc. On TV (DVD)
8:30 – WordPress and Facebook (2 mins) on laptop
8:45 – Snapchat
10:00 – New Girl previously recorded on DVR
10:10 – Pinterest (15 mins) – phone
10:30 – Much Ado About Nothing – reading from paperback

Friday August 23rd:
8:00 am – Alarm from phone
9 am – Open Google Music app – “Finding the heart” playlist
9:10 am – Snapchat then again at 9:15, :16, :20, :25, :30, :45
10 am – Snapchat once again at 10:10, :15, :25, :50
10:15 am – Starbucks phone app
10:50 am – Close Google Music app
Noon – Open Google Music app “Country” playlist and Snapchat
12:20 – Snapchat
12:45 – Close Google Music app and Snapchat
1:30 – Snapchat
1:45 – Camera from phone
2:00 – Open Google Music app
2:15 – Snapchat
2:30 – Close Google Music app
2:45 – Snapchat and Internet (Went to Sundance Film Festival Application for 15 mins)
3:15 – Open Google Music app – “Random” playlist
4:30 – Snapchat and Internet again to finish application for volunteering at Sundance Film Fest. (15 mins)
4:45 – Sent picture to friend from camera phone
5:45 – Close Google Music app
6-10: Was working but music is always on and TVs everywhere with sports stations on
10: Snapchat (20 was waiting), Facebook (10 mins), also, still at work with “white noise”
12:30 am – Google Music app going till asleep

Saturday August 24th:
9:00 am – Alarm from phone
9:15 am – Snapchat and Hot Schedules (application for work)
9:25 am – Open Google Music app
10:25 am – Close Google Music app
10:30 am – 4:10 p.m. – ESPN at work and live music. ALSO… go figure, Snapchat, Facebook (checked every 2 hours for roughly 5 mins)
Noon – Instagram (10 mins), Twitter (5 mins)
4:15 – Radio music for 2 mins and then changed to a CD
4:25 – Car off (CD off)
4:35 – CD back on
5 – 10:20 – again back at work with ESPN and music in background. Meanwhile on and off, checking snapchat
10:10 – Maggiano’s website from phone (5 mins)
10:30 – Open Google Music app
10:40 – Close Google Music app
10:50 – Open Google Music app
11:10 – Close Google Music app
11:15 – Snapchat, Facebook (3 mins), Twitter (3 mins), Instagram (3 mins), Netflix (watching How I Met your Mother)
12:15: Much Ado About Nothing reading, paperback

Sunday August 25th:
9:00 – Alarm from phone and Snapchat
9:45 – Facebook for 5 mins and Instagram for 3 mins
9:50 – Hot schedules (work app)
10:00 am – Much Ado about Nothing reading, paperback
10:10 am – Snapchat
11:00 am – end reading
Noon – Facebook (2 mins) and Snapchat and Twitter (5 mins)
1:00 – Open Google Music app and Snapchat
1:15 – Snapchat
2:00 – Reading Mass Communications book Snapchat aaaannndddd :20, :30, :35, :45, :50
3:10 – Snapchat, Twitter (5 mins)
3:20 – D2L on laptop to take test
4:30 – Women studies tab on D2L to download reading material – Snapchat :35, :45
5:25 – end WMS reading
5:30 – End Google Music app and Snapchat
5:45 – Picture from camera phone sent and Snapchat
5:50, :55 – Snapchat
6:00, :15, :20- Snapchat
9:00 – Snapchat
11:00 – Open Google Music app
11:35 – Close Google Music app

Music = 40 hours 15 mins
TV = 13 hours 30 mins
Web (using laptop) = 3 hours 40 mins
Web (using phone of PS3) = 1 hour and 5 mins
Twitter = 23 mins
Facebook = 51 mins
Other = 20 mins
Snapchat = unknown
Total for 5 days = 59 hours and 24 mins. (Not accounting for Snapchat – didn’t know how to measure it)

    The media is essential in my life. As much as I hate to admit it, I use it everyday non-stop. When I was reading the article on children’s media use, while I was shocked by the numbers, as I thought about it more, I realized that it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m 25 and just started getting involved with Twitter and other forms of social media because when I was looking for jobs one day, I realized the transformation in the “skills” section. I understand the importance, but it kind of made me sick that it has become a standard now to have excellent knowledge on Twitter, Facebook, GetGlued, Four Square, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc. But looking at kids playing with iPhones and iPads, I’m not surprised by any of it.
    I mainly use my media on my phone to keep in touch with people. A major change I saw in my form of communication was Snapchat. Everyone has something going on. By having Snapchat it’s allowed me and my friends to be able to send pictures or videos of what I’m doing and vice versa. Since my hometown is out of state, it has helped keep my friends and family in touch. I believe it’s more personable than Facebook, e-mails, etc; it’s visual and we are becoming a more visual generation. For me, Snapchat has been a new form of text messaging. Because of this project, I had to pay attention to how often I really was using it. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with logging my Snapchats because they come and send like texting. It’s becoming a new way of quick communication with a visual or audio that can come for as short as 1 seconds to 10 seconds long.
    There’s a shift in the learning that’s leading to a more technological side. I like to think of my generation as the perfect mix. We grew up with the fundamentals of reading from a book, what it’s like to be able to physically touch something and learn from it. We got the “old school” ways but also, I remember being in 3rd grade and sitting on a MAC computer learning to type. Seeing the AOL man run across the screen as it was trying to hook up to our land line. We saw that huge jump. I feel like going into the workforce for us should be easier than it is because we are the ones who can relate to senior staff but also hit the target market because we know what kids our age and younger are in need of. When hiring the younger generation too, we’ll be able to communicate in the language they’re used to. Also, we know the balance of being consumed by it, and living a life of interpersonal and group communication.
    As you can see, music is a huge part of my life. With that being said, I feel like Google Music and Snapchat were my main sources of media. Yes, I use my phone for a lot of web browsing and quick glimpses of Facebook and Instagram. But those are the two applications that I would call myself a junkie. It’s funny though, because I just recently uploaded the Google Music app about 2 months ago. I listened to the radio and CDs and did that up until I got a smart phone about 8 months ago. Because of that app, I’m able to listen to music 100 times more than I used to.
    The benefits I receive by using my media is for communication and intellectual. I’m always looking stuff up, or reading a book. I’m always in communication with friends, family, and co-workers. I know I’m the epitome of the girl who you can always get a hold of, but my form of communication is more direct whether by phone, texting or e-mailing. Where I have friends who the only way you can get a hold of them instantly is by Facebook. Or by posting something on Twitter.
    I believe I have found a good balance for my media use and sadly, one way I know this for sure is when I’m out for a meal with someone, I’m not sitting on my phone getting distracted. When I’m with people, I’m attentive. I know when to leave it be. For me, I understand that technology and the use of media is only growing. I will try and keep up because it’s the industry I’ll be going in. But I refuse to let it consume me. I feel like I’ve found a good balance of keeping my toes on both sides. Call me old fashioned, but I still feel like a hand written card means more than a “happy birthday” on Facebook.