social networking… what will we become?

The new media, focusing on the internet and social media sites, are changing our culture whether we want it to or not. In PBS’s Frontline edition, Digital Nation, we see how schools are evolving to incorporate new media as a learning tool. What I thought was really interesting was the idea of school districts allowing their students to use the new technology if it’s within their budget. They make a reason as to why they encourage this way of learning because they want their students to grow with the new technology because by the time the reach their careers, they’ll already know what to expect. They’ve been growing with the new technology; not being bombarded like most of the workforce today.

New media has it’s positives and negatives, just like all inventions and creations. In the article, Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?, the author Stephen Marche says something which struck me as an, “uh-huh” moment. He stated that if you say that you miss the old days, you’re ungrateful. He’s right. While technology keeps evolving and we’re being bombarded by information, we should be incredibly grateful because we can have any information when ever we want it. It’s what you chose to do with that information that has changed our culture whether for the good or bad. Continue reading