crowdsourcing and what?!

Crowdsourcing has become a new innovative way for companies, old and new, to gain perspective on the products they make, to the funding they receive. I found an interesting article that throws a new perspective on the benefits of what crowdsourcing can do for authors’!

Since I can remember, I’ve been reading books. Fiction and non, I’ve always loved reading. But have you noticed as technology has taken over civilization, books have evolved too? Now, some authors have taken it to the next level and used crowdsourcing to help gain intellect on what the content of the book should be! Walter Isaacson, the author of the biography, Steve Jobs, did just this. Continue reading


whatchu know about Netflix vs. HBO?

I’m a huge supporter of Netflix. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about HBO so reading this article was really informative and also made me really happy to know I made the right choice about 4 years ago when I traded my cable bill for a Netflix invoice. I do admire a lot of the diversity of good, thought provoking, thriller, and comedy shows that HBO has to offer, the convenience of Netflix is what outshines HBO. I completely agree with Matthew Yglesias stance on the dual! Continue reading

ingredients… they’re important whether you want to know ’em or not…

“Twenty percent of Americans are on a diet at any given time.” Tove K. Danovich breaks down Michael Pollan’s book In the Defense of Food. It brings great motivation to expand alternative ideas to reading selections and how to view our “American dieting ideas and trends”.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, is a documentary that follows Joe Cross around America juicing for 60 days! This is a great way to look at juicing and other plant based diets as health aids in moving you into the right direction when it comes your health.

The “wins” about  The Farm Bill that you may not know!

“Natural has become unnatural. Unnatural has become natural. We’re completely upside down when it comes to food and health. And it’s time for a change.” Wondering how this makes sense? Eating a plant based diet has more benefits for your health. And it’s time for a change.” Wondering how this makes sense? Eating a plant based diet has more benefits for your health as well as the environment.

Speaking of “natural” ingredients, do you REALLY know what that terminology means? While Americans believe they’re ingesting “healthy” ingredients by choosing “natural” and “organic” labels, it’s important to understand the difference between the two words. It matters.