what about a blog?

What do you want to know about? How do you receive your information?

As technology has expanded, the way people receive their information has evolved with it. Blogging has been apart of the way people learn more about a specific topic/tag, whether it’s news related, furthering your education, or hobbies. It’s become a new way of communication for voices to be heard and I believe that’s what makes blogging so important.

To be able to find a voice you can connect with on a topic that interests you is an aspect of blogging that separates it from other content. It allows people to acknowledge there are other people out in this glorious world who feel the exact same as you. There is a blog for almost everyone. Being able to find someone to relate to is what most people are after. What’s cool is the types of blogs that are out on the web are endless!

Most blogs contain a purpose. Within that purpose is what strikes the reader to continue reading the immediate content and hopefully browse through previous entries. My two blogs on WordPress have two specific outlets/audiences. One is strictly for school, the other a personal outlet which in itself has a specific reader in mind.

Social media sites are all interconnected and because of this, there have been debates on whether or not Facebook is making us lonely. With Twitter and Facebook taking the lead with most social media, we’re given limited word use and status updates that are short and simple. Journalism has changed and while people think it’s going down hill, but would you still want to receive your news by physical paper? Today, we’re allowed to hear voices we never knew existed. We can hear the ideas and different writing styles from anyone now, and how beautiful is it to hear perspectives you may never thought of before yourself?

YES, journalism has changed. Whether good or bad, everyone has there own opinion. Everyone can bring an opinion to front stage. We’re able to see, hear, and read the ideas and perspectives from humans we never knew we could relate to! Blogging has allowed more people to find a stance and purpose and write freely about it. Journalism hasn’t changed because of blogs, if anything, it’s only helped increase voices to be heard. But social media sites in general have changed the way journalism is being produced. Think about it.


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