whatchu know about Netflix vs. HBO?

I’m a huge supporter of Netflix. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about HBO so reading this article was really informative and also made me really happy to know I made the right choice about 4 years ago when I traded my cable bill for a Netflix invoice. I do admire a lot of the diversity of good, thought provoking, thriller, and comedy shows that HBO has to offer, the convenience of Netflix is what outshines HBO. I completely agree with Matthew Yglesias stance on the dual!
As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of the other type of television/movie outlets that are out today; even beyond these two. What about the match between Hulu and cable? Netflix and Hulu? All three combined? With cable bills already draining so many people’s pockets, and with the prices Netflix and Hulu being incredibly less, what’s the percentage and data on all of these combined?
Also, we have to consider that as baby boomers are still holding on to old traditions of how they receive their programming, news, and music, most are growing with technology and joining the band wagon of finding alternative ways. While I still believe my generation has the best of both worlds, companies need to start understanding the other ways people are consuming movies and television programs.
Have you noticed some websites, like FRONTLINE, have a lot of their episodes readily on the wesbsite? You can watch full documentaries whenever you want, where ever you want. Also, other narrow specific websites can lead you to the exact documentary, movie, television show you want to watch. Think about what the internet has to offer these days. With YouTube and even television networks allowing free airing of past shows, what is to come for cable companies and movie distribution in the next 5 years? It comes a lot faster than you all may think.

Like I said, I’m a huge supporter of Netflix. I have a chaotic schedule just like everyone else. I work, am doing an internship, and going to school full time; oh, did I mention I’m a 25 year old woman trying to maintain a social life? My schedule isn’t what some may call consistent, outlets like Netflix and Hulu Plus allow me to stay “up-to-date” on shows that I like to follow, yet keep my schedule the way it is. It’s pure convenience.

“What Netflix does well, HBO can’t always afford to copy without risking its existing franchise. What HBO does well, Netflix can try to copy. And it’s getting better all the time.”


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