crowdsourcing and what?!

Crowdsourcing has become a new innovative way for companies, old and new, to gain perspective on the products they make, to the funding they receive. I found an interesting article that throws a new perspective on the benefits of what crowdsourcing can do for authors’!

Since I can remember, I’ve been reading books. Fiction and non, I’ve always loved reading. But have you noticed as technology has taken over civilization, books have evolved too? Now, some authors have taken it to the next level and used crowdsourcing to help gain intellect on what the content of the book should be! Walter Isaacson, the author of the biography, Steve Jobs, did just this.

Joshua Brustein, a writer for, wrote about a new innovation authors’ are taking to help spark ideas. Brustein also talks to author, Bob Stein, and one of the quotes he used about how books are evolving was stated perfectly.

“The concept of a book, he said, refers to the way something is experienced. “From this perspective a book isn’t ink on bound paper, but rather a ‘user-driven medium’ where the reader is in complete control of how they access the contents,” he argued. Stein said he saw books as digital places “where people congregate to hash out their thoughts and ideas.” – Bob Stein

Makes sense huh? I thought so at least! Think about books in general and the evolution they’ve gone through since Gutenbergs Printing Press. With various authors’ signing over rights to movie production, it shows everyone is using everyone’s ideas and inputting their own along the way. By using a form of crowdsouring, the author still maintains the direction of the story, but is also gaining ideas about how they can approach the writing as a whole.

“All this collaboration is useful, says Isaacson, but it won’t change the final form of the book much. While he says he’s interested in the idea of a Wikipedia-esque form of collaborative writing, he’s not operating a democracy. “You can take this too far,” he says. “There has to be someone in charge.” – Walter Isaacson

I’m happy to see most people are understanding that times are changing and in order to stay doing what you love, you have to move WITH the curve. Going against the grain can only bring you so far. By having the option to stay “old school” AND gaining new intellect on technology might actually bring you further.

The article did a great job with the facts and quotes that were provided. Brustein was able to express how some authors’ are taking their writing to the next level by becoming interactive with the audience, taking some input, yet maintaining their own creativity.

I always nag on movies based off novels because I thought the lack of content and imagery the physical book brought. After reading this, it helped gain another perspective on my sometimes, not so forgiving comments. I understand it’s not the screen writers fault for not being able to match the authors vivid imagery; it’s their own creativity coming into play as well. We all have different ideas, comments, and opinions, it’s what makes us, us. This article was able to help display how using your voice can help the author as well as how intertwining new and old creativity levels are changing the way we read.


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